RepairQ 1.3.4 release is now live!

  • New Leaderboard Reports – location comparison and staff comparison.
  • Cash Reconciliation now shows a list of transactions for that terminal
  • IMPORTANT: RepairQ Reports are no longer filtered by closed tickets, which means the numbers you see may change for some date ranges. Now reports that look at ticket items (most reports) will look at when you add ticket items without waiting for the ticket to be marked as closed. This should result in a more “real time” view of your data.
  • Fixed issue that prevented you from deleting transactions and ticket items in some circumstances
  • Fixed issue with navigation bar on smaller screens (tablets & phones)
  • Fixed issue with daylight savings time and timesheets
  • Tax report now properly accounts for returns
  • Daily report now properly accounts for tradeins
  • We reworked and cleaned up the receipt print view (tickets printed on paper less than 4″ wide)
  • Other minor updates and fixes. For more info, see notes below:

1.3.4 release notes:

  • Feature #2330: Store Leaderboard
  • Feature #2626: Inventory Item Link – ticket view
  • Feature #2637: Cash Reconciliation – view transactions for the terminal
  • Feature #2638: Transaction Log – Add ticket link and payment method
  • Feature #2640: Purchase order – edit supplier
  • Support #2668: RepairQ Reports – no longer restricted by closed ticket status
  • Bug #1947: Removing Ticket Item
  • Bug #2404: Navigation bar on smaller screens
  • Bug #2611: DST – previous week, next week
  • Bug #2618: Delete Manufacturer
  • Bug #2619: Duplicate Manufacturers
  • Bug #2620: Cannot remove inventory item if “instock”
  • Bug #2633: Cash Reconciliation Index – Net Cash always 0
  • Bug #2644: Multiple devices won’t load
  • Bug #2645: Cleanup styling of ticket print – small receipt size
  • Bug #2651: Cash Reconciliation – can’t enter negative amounts
  • Bug #2662: Exclude Void tickets from ticket progress count
  • Bug #2667: Fix calculations on daily report
  • Bug #2669: Tax Report – not properly accounting for returned tax

If you feel that you have not received these features on your instance, please let us know. We are careful not to release anything that will cause problems with your RepairQ installation, but if you feel that we have messed something up then please submit a support ticket and we will resolve the issue ASAP.

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