RepairQ 1.6 release is now live! Here are some of the highlights:

  • Mobile Defenders Integration – Order parts from Mobile Defenders directly within your RepairQ purchase order with a single click! Costs are automatically loaded from Mobile Defender’s database so you can price check items as you build your purchase order, and purchase prices are loaded for you so that you can track your COGS without any extra work. The integration is not required, although if you select the “Mobile Defenders” supplier on a new purchase order it will prompt you to integrate your accounts before proceeding with the purchase order.
  • Inventory Counts and Reconciliation System – assign items for blind inventory counts, reconcile variances, and track the history of inventory adjustments
  • Added “Item Location / Bin#” to the catalog item as a searchable & sortable field so that you can search for inventory by its physical location in your store
  • Added some new location settings where you can tell RepairQ to automatically transfer part/labor/other costs to the refurb item on refurbish tickets. Manual cost override is also available to managers on refurb items.
  • New Inventory Orders report – forecast when your ordered items should arrive
  • New Inventory Item Status “Ordered” – when a backordered item is ordered via a purchase order it will update the item’s status to “ordered” so that you can keep track of the backordered items that you no longer need to order. This inventory status is currently only used for this scenario, and any items manually placed in the “ordered” status will not affect the ordered quantity displayed in the inventory. This ordered quantity only looks at purchase order items that are ordered.

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Other minor updates and fixes. For more info, see notes below:

1.6 release notes:

  • Feature #3238: Price Check Loading Animation
  • Feature #3641: Inventory Counts
  • Feature #3658: Company Name on invoices
  • Feature #3695: Exports for productivity reports
  • Feature #3795: VCT – Transfers accounting
  • Feature #3807: Changes to Inventory sorting
  • Feature #3808: Additional Revisions & Misc
  • Feature #3824: Report on order and backordered items per supplier
  • Feature #3825: Inventory List – filter out inactive items by default
  • Feature #3826: Add ROP and ROA location override button to Inventory List
  • Feature #3856: Warranty Claims – ESN/IMEI field
  • Feature #3857: Add city and zip to repair device report
  • Feature #3871: Backorder item – ordered status
  • Feature #3875: Ticket Receipt – additional fields
  • Feature #3878: Inventory Valuation Reports – add date updated filter
  • Feature #3879: Purchase Order view/print – display supplier sku and catalog sku
  • Bug #3327: Firefox layout bug on ticket item section
  • Bug #3575: Shipping method doesn’t display when viewing a PO if lead times aren’t set for supplier
  • Bug #3666: Labor type does not pop up when you select Labor under item type
  • Bug #3698: Item Type save button duplication
  • Bug #3724: Catalog Item save button duplication
  • Bug #3728: Customer profile shows information out of order
  • Bug #3732: Customer Referral Field in Customer Creation
  • Bug #3736: Customer Double Creation
  • Bug #3740: Manual Inventory Adjustment – Damaged Item Status
  • Bug #3743: Deassign Terminal Button – Terminal Not Found
  • Bug #3749: The new On Hand column does not include the “Other” status
  • Bug #3751: “Instock” Inventory filter does not work properly
  • Bug #3775: Individual Customer View – Credit Transactions tab navigation
  • Bug #3777: About Page updates
  • Bug #3790: COGS and refurb items
  • Bug #3849: Cash Flow Summary Typo
  • Bug #3863: “Another Customer” Referral Source – prevent adding current customer as referral
  • Bug #3864: Backordered item average cost calculation trigger

Up Next:

  • Print Settings – show/hide information on ticket receipts, invoices, labels, etc.
  • Inventory Adjustment Enhancements

We are careful not to release anything that will cause problems with your RepairQ installation, but if you feel that we have messed something up then please submit a support ticket and we will resolve the issue ASAP.