Welcome to RepairQ Version 1.7.2! The 1.7.2 release centers around the new RMA Tracking Feature, and also features some significant improvements to ticket item management, as well as some new inventory reports.

Release 1.7.2 Highlights

RMA Tracking Feature

We created a new set of tools to help you track defective inventory and reconcile returns to your supplier(s). With RMA Tracking, you can quickly view all of the defective inventory items in your possession and create shipments to send back to your suppliers. Each shipment allows you to track RMAs in batches of items assigned to your supplier, instead of the tedious process of tracking each item individually. When you receive a reply from your supplier, you can update your items individually or in batches to: account for the credit issued from the supplier (RMA Credit), receive replacement items, or account for rejected items (Damaged). Along with the RMA Tracking feature, we added a few new reports which give you the ability to better track RMA Credits and RMA Rejects (Damaged).

Ticket Discount Updates

We updated the ticket item discount interface so that it is easier to modify the discount applied. In addition, ticket percentage discounts now discount the same percentage for all items equally.

Ticket Item List Updates

In addition to improving discounts, we consolidated the ticket item list and added a few new controls. To simplify the sale of inventory and make it more process driven, we replaced the “status” select box with a few action buttons to flag items as defective or damaged, advance items to sold, or place items back into inventory. We improved the “view details” link so that it reveals more information without leaving the ticket screen.

Release Notes

  • Feature #4118: Ticket Transfer – add system log entries
  • Feature #4276: Suppliers for international clients – improve country and state/province support for supplier records
  • Feature #4343: Catalog Item List Table – Limit SKU length displayed
  • Feature #4344: PO and Catalog Item Merge Modal – Add Field Limit Validations
  • Feature #4292: Track Return of Defective Merchandise Feature
    • Feature #4363: RMA Tracking Index Screen
    • Feature #4365: Initiating RMA – UI Changes 
    • Feature #4366: Marking RMA as Sent Modal
    • Feature #4367: RMA Batches View/Index
    • Feature #4368: RMA Batch Packing Slip
    • Feature #4369: RMA Reconciliation Modal
    • Feature #4370: RMA Inventory Exception Reports
    • Feature #4509: Ticket Print RMA Labels
    • Feature #4526: RMA Batch – add notes
    • Feature #4365: Initiating RMA – UI Changes
      • Feature #4371: RMA Purchase Order Receiving UI – status selection changes
      • Feature #4372: RMA Ticket Item Return – status selection changes
      • Feature #4373: RMA Ticket Items UI for initiating Defective / Damaged
      • Feature #4480: RMA Ticket Item – status selection changes
    • Feature #4407: Override RMA Status Modal
  • Feature #4503: Ticket Discounts Refactor
  • Bug #4530: Marking a bundle item as defective not removing tax if taxed on item cost
  • Bug #4209: Changing bundled item to damaged – taxable amount now re-distributed between the items properly
  • Feature #4510: Inventory Inspect – add print label button
  • Bug #4162: Purchase Order – Import – Import Template
  • Bug #4296: Inventory Count – Shorten long names in the modal window header
  • Bug #4399: Assign VCT- Hide/Lock “Cash on Hand” input if “Accept Cash” checkbox deselected
  • Bug #4459: Notification Index – Add explanation for empty results