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An open letter to RepairQ customers.

RepairQ’s mission has always been to help retail repair and service businesses be more organized, more efficient, and more profitable. It’s more than our job. It’s our passion. Over the past seven years, RepairQ has grown from a tiny, fledgling software company within the mobile retail repair industry into a game-changing titan. Our constant feature updates, brilliant support specialists, and attention to our customers’ desires have all worked together to bring us to where we are today. There are unique problems facing repair and many service-based retailers that conventional retail management solutions simply overlook – creating a nice position for RepairQ moving forward. While certain software have found success in highly niche service channels like restaurant, beauty and wellness, home mechanical, auto, and computer repair, very few have taken a clear lead to improve retail operations across multiple service channels. This is where RepairQ is headed: to expand beyond the cellular repair channel and provide a platform highly applicable to a broader repair and service retail market.


Why would RepairQ expand into alternative markets?

The cellular repair niche, along with the service category itself, is diversifying. It’s rapidly adapting, especially in the consumer product categories of personal electronics. It’s highly likely retail services will continue to broaden, where unique specializations are replaced with broader applications covering most high-value property. These retailers will rely more on integrated tools, on-the-fly knowledge, referral networks of specialists, and industry partners to provide consumer traffic. This will require software to help automate, integrate, and manage.


We also believe that while the US retail economy is shrinking, the local service and repair channels of retail are positioned to not only survive the current decaying retail trend but actually grow. Much of this growth will come from the diversification of traditional retailers looking to maintain profits and relevance in an omnichannel consumer world.

While RepairQ has been wildly successful in a healthy channel, we have a vision for growth in a broader market and recognize our need for more robust back-office service management and reverse logistics.


How does merging with ServiceCentral change RepairQ?

Consumer demand for local service offerings by national retailers, OEMs, telecom providers, and other consumer services will be a catalyst for retail repair and service in the next five years. It is likely that by 2020, most remaining traditional US retailers will add and position premium service options at the local level. For example better omnichannel returns and exchanges, improved warranty support, and enhanced delivery services. These trends will expand the need for software solutions focusing on customer intake, service transaction management, disposition and reverse logistics. RepairQ is positioned to support customer intake and service transaction management in self-contained, retail-service models. We would need to invest substantial resources to develop the tools to add and support the addition of disposition and reverse logistic services. ServiceCentral thrives and holds an equally impressive reputation in this realm.


RepairQ and ServiceCentral share a vision.

ServiceCentral’s customer base, reach, and influence expands well beyond cellular repair into computers, automotive, and several other key categories. This allows for rapid adaptation of RepairQ to be engaged into new areas. ServiceCentral’s relationships and connections in these categories could be the catalyst we need to quickly expand into other channels they currently support.

Our strategic relationship with ServiceCentral will open the gates to formerly untouchable markets, and along with their vast network of diverse clientele, ServiceCentral will be supportive in consistently providing our existing markets with an end-to-end solution. RepairQ, in combining with ServiceCentral, has a unique opportunity to not only meet the challenges of retail diversification and partner connectivity but also is afforded a chance to bridge the technology gap between retail and reverse logistics more effectively than anyone else.

This evolution in RepairQ will bring some incredible opportunities to our customers and our commitment to you has never been stronger. You have always been our focus and creating the best retail management software has been our driving goal. As always, your input is invaluable to us as we continue development on RepairQ. Please let our team know of any questions or concerns. Thank you for joining us on this journey and I’m excited to see how we grow together.

If you would like to read the official press release, please click here.

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