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March 27, 2019

RepairQ POS brings repair shops online to provide consumers real-time service quotes and scheduling

We are about to drop one of our biggest releases in over a year. This week, we announced that we will be expanding our web-based POS to include multiple powerful new features, including omnichannel tools for online shopping and scheduling of in-store services; and we call it Qsite Opportunities. Simply put, it will provide retailers a simple way for their consumers to find store locations, browse products and services, get instant pricing, reserve online, and schedule appointments for in-store pick or service.

“We are incredibly excited to offer this new Qsite service,” said James Schellhorn, CBDO and Creative Director of Products. “Retailers that buy, sell, trade, and repair consumer goods have distinct needs in omnichannel that have simply been overlooked with conventional technology before now.”

While consumer demand has shifted primarily from in-store to online for goods sales, local service has continued to flourish. This trend is driving demand for omnichannel services for everything from browsing menus of products and services, to ordering online with pickup and pay in-store options. Regardless of where the consumer demand shifts, RepairQ hopes with these new advancements that they will not only help retailers respond to recent consumer shifts, but also offer more dynamic services in the future.

Schellhorn further explains, “We plan to bring a whole suite of omnichannel services to repair shops and retailers over the next year. In-store quotes, reservations and appointments are just the tip of the iceberg.”

We foresee the future of service to include everything from in-store, in-home, and even service on-the-move, and we plan to continue bringing more tools and innovation to businesses that plan to stay ahead of consumer demand.The date of RepairQ’s next release including Qsite Opportunities, has not been confirmed yet, but is expected to land in late April.

Jared Warren

Jared Warren

Ol’ Jared is the Digital Marketing Manager for ServiceCentral Technologies. He is the lead copywriter for all digital content related to both ServiceManager and RepairQ, and enjoys spending his time outside the office dedicated to his passions of competitive gaming, reading, and his wife Rachel.

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