March 31, 2020

CouchCon: An Overview of the WISE™ Certification Program

Previous Session | April 15, 2020

Meet the Standard. An Overview of the WISE™ Certification Program for Repair Technicians & Retailers

Please join us for the first webinar in the CouchCon Repair Evolutions virtual event series, An Overview of the WISE™ Certification Program for Repair Technicians & Retailers.  During this one hour webinar, you will learn how the wireless industry came together to create standards and repair certifications for device repair. WISE promotes service excellence and helps differentiate quality repair service professionals. Learn how WISE certified technicians and retailers will be recognized in the marketplace for meeting wireless industry standards. Mobile devices are the center of our lives. Consumers seek trusted service providers to repair devices. That’s you.


Who should participate?

Wireless repair technicians and retailers


Benefits of Attending

  • Learn more about the first industry certification created in coordination with repair shops, suppliers, OEMs, insurance providers and carriers
  • Hear from a panel of repair industry experts on the merits of certification and discover why now might be the best time to get certified
  • Discover the quickest path to working with OEMs and starting to take warranty work


Michelle James

VP, Strategic Industry Programs

Jeremy Willis



Marin Galvin

Director, Strategic Industry Programs



Ryan Hicks


Aakshay Kriplani


Injured Gadgets

Sarah Cade

EReuse Conference

Pedro Ferrer

CPR Cell Phone Repair

Ben Warta

Independent Shop Owner

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Matt Zieminski


Matt Zieminski is the Director of Partnerships for ServiceCentral and has been in the electronics industry for almost ten years. Outside of work, Matt loves to hike and enjoy the great outdoors of Richmond, California.

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