Do you have questions about “Chip and PIN” (also called EMV) and the looming October 2015 compliance deadline? And you’re still not sure exactly what this is and how it relates to credit card processing at your business?

Brickwire, the software company behind, has put together two free webinars hosted by Ruston Miles, Chief Innovation Officer of Bluefin Payment Systems, Brickwire’s payment processing partner, to take you through this new payment security technology and answer several important questions:

  • What is “Chip and PIN,” where did it come from and how is it different than how we process credit cards today?

  • Who is mandating the switch to chip cards by October 2015 – and why?

  • What happens if companies are not compliant by October, i.e., what liability “shifts”?

  • What can your business do now to protect you and your customers from fraud?

  • Will Chip and PIN prevent data breaches?

  • What’s coming in the future from Bluefin and Brickwire to secure transactions?

Additionally, Mr. Miles will provide information on how to prevent vulnerabilities in your business that might allow a fraudster into your system or network where they could steal data.

“There is still a lot of confusion around the implementation of Chip and PIN in the U.S.,” said Miles, who is also a participating member of the PCI Security Standards Council (SSC). “Our goal with the webinar is to have attendees walk away with a solid understanding of what Chip and PIN is, how it will be implemented, what happens if the October 2015 deadline is not met, and security considerations that must be taken into account as we move forward.”

We will be holding the webinars on Monday September 14th at 10 am EST and Friday September 18th at 1 pm EST.

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