Repair and Service Ticket Tracking

Track the complete repair workflow of cell phones, computers, and other devices from check-in to checkout.

Repair Intake

Bring customers from appointments, quotes, or walk-ins directly into a check-in process that combines customer, equipment, issues, diagnostics, and sales together in a workflow modeled by the pros.

  • Add customers and equipment for repair
  • Use checklists or integrated diagnostic tools to capture equipment condition
  • Suggest service, parts, and retail to your customer on the fly
  • Capture customer confirmations with electronic forms and signatures
  • Collect deposits and any other required information
Screenshot of RepairQ's "Create Contact" screen
Screenshot of the RepairQ ticket management dashboard

Repair Queue

Maintaining effective tracking in a high-volume repair shop isn’t always simple. You have dozens, if not hundreds of customers and devices, including back-orders, reworks, and refurbishments. That’s why RepairQ® has perfected the queue.

  • Track all tickets in the Queue based on status and priority.
  • Quickly view what’s important to techs, sales reps, and management.
  • Easily search your Queue for any ticket, anywhere.
  • Transfer tickets or easily check one in and get to work.

Repair Tech Process

Technicians are the key to a successful repair shop. The Repair Tech Process empowers techs to capture issues and resolutions, and then report proper next steps to their team.

  • Assign and track techs to each ticket
  • Create and track your unique workflow with statuses and forms
  • Easily search or scan to add labor and parts
  • Capture technician notes and resolutions
Screenshot of RepairQ's device repair checklist
screenshot of a repair status text sent to a customer

Customer Communication

Every successful repair retailer ensures their customers are communicated to along each step of the journey, no matter how small. RepairQ has made customer communication easy.

  • Illustrate diagnostic results to customers through Qpop tablet app
  • Present customer with service recommendations and price for approval
  • Provide real-time updates on repair status using Qsite™ customer portal
  • Automatically send emails and texts based on rules you create

Servicing with Qpop

With Qpop, RepairQ’s point-of-purchase app, show service estimates and capture electronic authorization and waiver signatures.

iPad displaying a payment summary screen asking for customer signature