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RepairQ® is proud to launch a WISE Certification scholarship program. Apply for a scholarship and join the thousands of certified smartphone repair technicians and retailers who have earned this recognition for service excellence.

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Apply today for a WISE Certification scholarship.

Consumers seek trusted service providers to repair devices. That’s you. Join the thousands of certified smartphone repair technicians and retailers who have earned this recognition for service excellence.

What is WISE Certification?

WISE stands for Wireless Industry Service Excellence. It is the industry recognized standard for retailers and technicians performing smartphone repair.

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Why is this important?

The truth is, smartphone repair is personal. Consumers deserve a qualified professional to make sure their most valued asset is repaired with industry recognized standards.

Why is RepairQ partnering on this program?

RepairQ is the premier retail repair POS software recognized as meeting WISE certification standards. This means that you can trust RepairQ to meet the certification’s requirements in addition to giving you a comprehensive set of tools to manage your business.

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About the WISE Certification Scholarship Program

RepairQ celebrates the wireless repair community with the promotion of the new industry-recognized standard, Wireless Industry Service Excellence (WISE) Certification Program. The program certifies both individual technicians as well as retail locations on industry-recognized standards, certifying those that meet the highest standards for service quality and technical skill. The first certification of its kind, WISE-certified device repair retailers and technicians provide consumers with a predictable, high-quality repair experience.


Retailer Scholarship

One ‘retailer’ scholarship to include a technician and retail certification

Retailer Multi-Door Scholarship

One ‘retailer multi-door’ scholarship to include technician and retail certification

Independent Tech Scholarship

One ‘independent technician’ scholarship to include both Level 1 and Level 2 WISE Certification

The retailer and multi-door scholarships will be awarded based on the number of technicians in the store and the number of store locations with a value not to exceed $5,000 for each scholarship recipient. Certifications provided through the scholarship program will be valid for one year.

Retail Application

The application will collect your information and your responses to the following questions focused on consumer confidence:

  • Why is building trust with your customers important to you? 
  • What do you do to mentor your technicians?
  • What do you do to serve your community?

Technician Application

The application will collect your information and your responses to the following questions:

  • What do you feel has been the biggest contributing factor to your success as a technician?
  • Do you believe other technicians should be seeking certifications in their respected industry, and why?
  • What have you identified as a roadblock in your career as a technician, and what have you done to rise above it?
  • What is one situation that occurred during your time repairing devices that left a customer upset, and what you did to correct the situation?
  • Why do you feel WISE certification will help you grow as a technician and in your career?


Applications are due no later than December 31, 2020. Once received, applications will be reviewed and essay answers will be sent to a selection committee of industry professionals without identifying information. The committee will make selections based on applicants’ responses and scholarship recipients will be notified.


Recipients will be notified before February 1, 2021 and will have three months to complete their WISE Certification from the date of notification.


The committee will review WISE Certification scholarship applications and essay answers from each applicant with no identifying information. Committee members include:


Chris Bleess, Senior Director, ServiceCentral Technologies Inc.
Ward Johnsmeyer, Chief Business Development Officer, Swappa
Danyelle Kukuk, VP of Product Management, Batteries Plus Bulbs
Jonathan Nestor, Technical Manager, AGiRepair
Spencer Smith, Vice President of Operations, FixIT Mobile
Jeremy Willis, Founder, PFM


For more information, please contact: Contact WISE at

Tell us how you’ve earned your customers’ trust and apply today!