Unified Management Solutions

The Pervacio platform provides carriers, retailers, enterprises, and warehouses with a unified solution to manage every type of mobile device, regardless of device type or operating platform. In the retail space, rapidly troubleshoot and resolve problems with all types of smartphone, tablets, and smartwatches, or enhance customer satisfaction using solutions like data transfer and device trade-in.

✓  Rapidly Troubleshoot and Resolve Device Issues


✓  Enhance Customer Satisfaction and CSAT


✓  Remove Unnecessary Mobile Device Waste


✓  Optimize Device Supply and Inventory

Why Pervacio?

Pervacio is the only supplier to provide a unified infrastructure of MDM applications that can support every type of mobile device. Our solutions integrate deeply with existing systems and enable our customers to deliver returns, across all channels, across all user scenarios. Our patented products are shifting market expectation and creating new industry norms.

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