One challenge that faces all repair businesses is determining the actual profit made on each repair they do. Calculating the amount of labor, the cost of the specific part, and the allocation of operating expenses can seem like an impossible task. Here is how RepairQ helps.

Repair Technician Labor

Have you ever felt like the only way to determine your repair techs’ true level of efficiency is to stand over them with a stopwatch? RepairQ tracks time on each repair by tying particular repair tickets to technicians’ user IDs and then tracking when they start and complete a repair. If they stop one repair, move to another, and then return to the original device later; RepairQ keeps track of that time.

Part Cost

If you are like most repair business owners, you are ordering parts from multiple vendors at multiple price points. How do you keep track of it all, and if the part comes back as defective, how do you know who to send it to? Most systems just lump everything together and take an average. RepairQ keeps track of it all. Each part is tied to a purchase order so you always know where you got a part from and how much you paid for it.

Overhead expenses for your store

Have you ever wondered, “are we having a profitable day?” It can be hard to tell. With RepairQ, all you have to do is plug in your monthly recurring expenses when you setup your software, and in the background, it is constantly calculating your ongoing operating expenses, repairs, retail sales, and labor to tell you if you are in the red or the black. You don’t have to find out, at the end of the day or the end of the month, how things are going. You can know up to the minute.

With these tools at your disposal, you are empowered as a business owner to make the decisions needed for your business to flourish. With RepairQ’s robust tracking and reporting features, you always have the knowledge to measure your success, from a company-wide perspective, down to each repair.

Learn more about tracking profit (COGS) in RepairQ by visiting and search ‘profit’.

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