RepairQ 1.1.1 is now live! This release mostly covered bugfixes, with a few high-priority features in the mix, such as the ability to find tickets based on attached devices and ticket items.
  • Support #1910: Increase character limit of catalog item name
  • Support #1982: Display % sign next to anywhere tax rate is shown
  • Bug #1954: Inventory valuation report is missing pagination
  • Bug #1957: Alignment Fixes
  • Bug #1963: Inventory Location Label
  • Bug #1966: Ticket number search – no closed tickets show
  • Bug #1971: Bundling broken
  • Bug #1984: No ticket redirect on save
  • Bug #1988: Changelog multiple entries
  • Feature #1915: Search by repair device serial #
  • Various UI Enhancements
  • Ability to add ticket items on a refurb ticket restored

If you feel that you have not received these features on your instance, please let us know. We are careful not to release anything that will cause problems with your RepairQ installation, but if you feel that we have messed something up then please submit a support ticket and we will resolve the issue ASAP.

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