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November 15, 2018

Social Media Marketing - Fighting the Good Fight

Social media is a beast, an unscrupulous, multi-headed gatekeeper to generations of pseudo-tech-savvy and relatively research-oriented potential customers. Our goal is to help you understand some of the finer intricacies of the social media machine and hopefully create better insights on how to utilize it effectively to gain a closer relationship with potential clients and leads.

The Issues

We have a huge tendency, as small business owners, to bring our own thoughts and preferences to the way we market our services. I see time and time again that mobile device repair stores having NO social media presence, NO business listings, and NO connection to a younger audience that has no other concept of connection, other than through social media or text-based services. Sure it might be a bit uncomfortable to get over the learning curve with a Twitter account or to try to match the ever-shifting style that Instagram affords, but it is absolutely necessary in the current climate. We live in a time where people, services, and products are so interconnected, the major difference between your shop and a big-box retailer OR an e-shop is the human element and unique service experience that you can provide. Innately, with rapid improvements in technology and the desire for immediate, easy service, repair shops are fighting an uphill battle.

Moving Forward

RepairQ simplifies a ton of processes that are intrinsically frustrating to deal with at a foundational level, as well as providing tools that help build the service experience for in-store and online customers that may be browsing around. There is only so much that we can do, however, without a strong social, online, and service presence that you, on the frontlines, have to develop and nurture.

But How?

There are innumerable resources available online that highlight tips and tricks to designing and fostering a healthy web-presence, but here are a few great places to start.

  1. GOOGLE YOURSELF – Make sure that your business listing information is correct and pertinent. If you type in “your business name, city name” and your business doesn’t pop up, it’s time to pay someone to get a website and some SEO work done.
  2. MAKE A SCHEDULE AND KEEP TO IT – If you decide to actively post in an effort to engage your customers with ads, new products, industry news, or business highlights, be sure to keep a steady flow of information going. Too many gaps isn’t a good thing. Trust us on that one.
  3. QUALITY IS KING – Quantity isn’t important at all on social media. An extremely common misconception is that “If I put out more content, more people will see it”, but unfortunately that’s not the way it works anymore. Videos and photos are the best tools of engagement on social media platforms right now. The more people “engage” with your content through liking, commenting, or sharing, the more it will be seen by other, like-minded individuals.
  4. DON’T BE AFRAID TO EXPERIMENT – Try different things. Try boosting a post, hosting a giveaway, or posting a picture of your pet cat “Scooter McPuffinstuff”. Social media is an open-source foundation for you to bring unique programs and service offerings to your customers, don’t get bogged down by what everyone else is doing.
  5. DON’T GET OVERWHELMED – It can seem like a lot, and honestly, it probably is. There are always other people ready to help that have unique and fresh takes on what works and what doesn’t.
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Jared Warren


Jared Warren is the Digital Marketing Manager for ServiceCentral Technologies. He is the lead copywriter for all digital content related to both ServiceManager and RepairQ, and enjoys spending his time outside the office dedicated to his passions of competitive gaming, reading, and his wife Rachel.

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