Swappa Repair Network – Pilot Program

We are excited to announce that RepairQ is working with Swappa as they launch their pilot program for the Swappa Repair Network. The Swappa Repair Network was created to offer broken device solutions to Swappa’s more than one million monthly visitors by providing localized referrals to participating repair shops.

Benefits for RepairQ Customers

As part of the pilot program, Swappa is providing a free account to RepairQ customers, which can be upgraded at a $25/month introductory price to gain full functionality. The free account includes your store name, address and phone number.



Paid Features

  • Ability to receive repair leads sourced from Swappa’s one million monthly visitors
  • Customizable store page on Swappa with a link to your website
    • Add logo and pictures of your location
    • Editable text description of your hours, services, etc.
  •  Stats tracking visits and visibility
    • Frequency of your store appearing in Swappa’s local search
    • Visits to your store page on Swappa
    • Visits to your website from Swappa
    • Count of other stats such as directions, phone and website clicks for your location
  • Introductory Pricing Designed to provide ROI with one repair
  • Customize your page with pictures of your location and a text description of your services.



Next Steps

We hope this opportunity can help increase visibility for your stores and drive additional repairs.

In the next three to four weeks, the program will transition to open sign-ups allowing for any other locations you may have to be added along with the addition of other repair shops that are not part of the pilot.


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