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December 6, 2019

ServiceCentral® Technologies Powers Up The Gift of Music Foundation

ServiceCentral Technologies Inc., an all around business management software company for repair shops, announced that it will be donating its product, RepairQ, to The Gift of Music Foundation.  The Gift of Music Foundation is a non-profit founded in 2015 as a response to the nationwide decline in funding and prioritization of music education. The organization provides musical instruments, music lessons, and after school music programs with the aim of returning music to the country’s at-risk youths. The non-profit generates some funding on its own through its musical instrument repair shop, which is where RepairQ comes in. 


More than just a generic point-of-sale platform, RepairQ also offers repair shops: 

Full business management: inventory management, business intelligence, accounting, and invoicing

Ticket tracking: live repair status updates, repair queue, and repair intake

CRM: appointment scheduling, lead generation, and repair status update sharing


ServiceCentral will help The Gift of Music Foundation’s musical instrument repair shop by providing payment processing, repair ticket tracking, inventory management, employee management, and more repair shop management essentials. After a check up with the organization, ServiceCentral’s President and CEO, Steve Teel said, “They are extremely pleased with how RepairQ has automated the repair and payment processing, and are becoming a vocal endorser of us within that industry.” 

About ServiceCentral and RepairQ 

RepairQ is the first software built uniquely to manage any type of repair shop. From point of sale that focuses on services, consumer experiences that focus on excellence, or unique tools that bring financial, supply, and referral services closer to retailers, RepairQ has everything a growing repair shop needs. With over 40,000 service providers supported, ServiceCentral hosts additional software, solutions and services that span business including OEMs, insurance companies, reverse logistics depots, 3PLS, and local repair shops. For more information, visit and or find us at

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Thabiso Ndiraya

Thabiso is the marketing intern for ServiceCentral. He is a helping hand for SEO and market research projects related to both ServiceManager and RepairQ. Outside the office, you can find Thabiso chasing a ball around the soccer field, strumming random notes on a beat up guitar, or devouring a Braum’s vanilla ice cream cone in 3 minutes.

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