Growing Interest in Used Smartphones

Recent market dynamics indicate a growing interest in refurbished and second-hand smartphones. One key driver behind this trend is the frequent device updates and upgrades necessitated by shifts in professional environments and workforce demands. Consequently, trade-in service providers in North America have witnessed a surge in their operations over recent years. 

Interestingly, iPhones seem to dominate this sphere. “The reselling potential for a certified, pre-owned iPhone is notably higher than for other devices,” observes Jeff Fieldhack, Counterpoint Research Director, in a commentary accompanying an analyst briefing. 

Promotion Strategies by Used Phone Sellers

Moreover, there’s a visible thrust towards promoting trade-ins among used phone sellers. They’re luring customers with enticing credits. In line with IDC’s prediction for 2023, consumers have begun to encounter “more enticing trade-in promotions and deals.” A testament to this trend was Apple’s recent revision of trade-in values for select iPhone models, such as iPhone 13 Pro Max, 13 Pro, 12 Pro Max, and 7 Plus in March. Shortly thereafter, just before Earth Day, Apple unveiled a revamped, user-friendly trade-in portal, as highlighted by 9to5Mac. 

Key Insights from the Market:

– The average smartphone ownership duration is stretching to three years. 

– When the cost of screen repairs parallels or exceeds the combined value of a trade-in and a newer certified pre-owned model, the inclination is to opt for a trade-in. This is particularly true for iPhone owners. 

Enhanced Customer Experience

To streamline the trade-in journey and make it more adaptable to real-world scenarios, RepairQ which is a repair management software has introduced an innovative feature in update 1.20.3: the ability to save your ticket as a quote. This enhancement empowers store owners by providing the flexibility to pause a trade-in transaction at any phase and resume it as per their customer’s convenience. 

Whether a customer initiates contact via a phone call or walks into the store, this feature ensures that the trade-in process is seamless and accommodating. Furthermore, the versatility of this feature isn’t limited to just trade-ins. RepairQ has extended the ‘save as quote’ functionality to Quick Sale and Repair tickets as well, ensuring a consistent experience across various transaction types. 

The beauty of this enhancement lies not just in its flexibility but also in its ease of use. All the saved quotes, regardless of their type, are easily searchable, making it convenient for store owners and staff to retrieve and continue the process whenever needed.