RepairQ® Users Town Hall

We are excited to share the future of RepairQ.

We shared the first look at upcoming product features including the announcement on the Square Payments launch, plus an interview with FixIT Mobile, and a preview of TracPoint’s Revv and their digital business cards app.

Let us know how we did.

We would love your feedback on our recent town hall. Our commitment to building community is a team effort and we need your help. We will be using your answers as we plan our next webinar.

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Town Hall Hosts

James Schellhorn

James Schellhorn

Co-Founder of RepairQ

James directs our company brand and products, evaluating how they fit our customer needs, align with our vision, and drive company growth. He currently leads SCT’s marketing, sales, and strategic development teams as CBDO. Previously, James was CEO and co-founder of RepairQ, a retail repair point-of-sale that merged with SCT in 2017.


Jeff Foster

Chief Technology Officer

Jeff leads ServiceCentral’s product development and innovation as it aligns with our customer needs and our strategic vision. Jeff joined ServiceCentral as CTO and VP of Product in 2017 after a strategic merger, bringing with him RepairQ, a point-of-sale for repair shops he created five years prior.

RepairQ Panelists

Scott Davis

Director of Product

David Spence

Sales Manager

Tim Parrish

Success Manager

Melanie Levy

Senior Lead UX Research & Design

Special Guests

Patrice Ciccone

VP of Client Services, TracPoint

Joe Codrington

Marketing & Operations Manager, TracPoint

Spencer Smith

VP of Operations, FixIT Mobile

Square is right around the corner.

We’re going to be sending weekly updates on it’s progress.

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Square Terminal with sliding credit card