Guided Setup & Implementation

The setup fee includes a personal consultation on how you can translate your business practices into RepairQ. Those who use RepairQ come from a variety of previous systems and business practices, so rather than a one-size fits all approach, we walk you through how best to setup RepairQ to meet your specific needs, and perhaps even where you could improve your existing workflows and enhance your insight into key business metrics.

Training Sessions

The setup fee also includes hands-on training with a RepairQ expert. Training is usually scheduled into two 90 minute sessions:

  • Management Training
    • Focused on store management including staffing, time sheets, inventory, reporting, etc.
    • Q&A session to cover certain scenarios
  • Staff Training
    • We do not train your employees, rather we train your trainer
    • Focused on employee level activities like the repair workflow, sales, clocking in/out, etc.

Knowledge-base site

Our support site is actively updated with new self-help resources.

  • Documentation articles
  • Step-by-step tutorials

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Frequent releases

We are a small and agile team, which means you get feature releases and support fixes quickly.

You will automatically receive all security releases and bug fixes on your installation without any action on your end.

Check out our release history to see what we are talking about.

Influence RepairQ development

Be a part of shaping RepairQ into the system you need it to be. We are building this for you, so we take it seriously when you tell us what you need to run your business better.

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