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As the modern consumer continues to rely on the functionality of their cell phone for day-to-day tasks and communication, there is an ongoing need for cell phone repair centers to help them when things go awry. Broken screens, faulty hardware, dysfunctional charging ports – while frustrating to the owner, these are the cell phone repair shops’ bread and butter.

RepairQ provides management software for repair shops across the nation. This blog post features a checklist of fundamentals that any would-be cell phone repair shop operator should review before getting started, specifically for the optimization of management and process.   

5 Basics to Get You Started

Have you scoped out a location? Or are you still in the visualization phase? As you plan your new venture, there will be some necessities that inevitably fall through the cracks. There may even be more obvious needs that, amid your planning, you haven’t thought of. Here’s a list of the basics.

#1 A Repair Station

Yes, you probably thought of it. But do you know how to build an electronics repair workstation for your repairs or what items you’ll need? Your repair shop workstation should be constructed from nonconductive material like wood or plastic, you should have electrostatic prevention measures implemented throughout the space (work mats, grounding straps), and you should have good quality testing equipment within arms reach of the station. Don’t forget tools like clamps, small screwdrivers, and screen removing tools.

#2 A Website & Google Business Profile

A surefire way to get on the map (literally on the search engine map) is to get a basic website published and start a Google Business Profile. This lets Google know what kind of business you’re operating and where your central location is. In other words, when future customers look for “cell phone repair near me,” Google can then send them your way.

A good website will include a home page with a summary of your services, your operating hours, and contact information. You’ll also want an About and Service pages that cover your company and approach more in-depth.

#3 Cell Phone Repair Shop POS

A dynamic point of sale (POS) system is a must-have. But you don’t want to settle on just any software. Some POS software will struggle to integrate with payment processors like Square. There’s also the hardware to think about. POS software partners may require you to invest in a partnered hardware brand, but keep in mind that there are plenty of good options that allow for the simple iPad/tablet transaction station you may have seen before.

#4 Inventory Management & Automation

Nothing can frustrate a shop owner quite like an inaccurate inventory. You shouldn’t have to audit more than necessary, and your inventory reports should be easy to access. So, look for software that also offers inventory automation; a system that recognizes SKUs in transactions and adjusts your inventory accordingly.

If you plan to also sell or trade, should the time come when you have an inventory visible to your website browsers, you’ll also want your system to integrate your inventory with web portals for convenience (and to save them the phone call). 

#5 Customer Incentives & Email Marketing

Once you have established an efficient system for your inventory, the next step is a quality customer relationship management (CRM) program. A helpful CRM not only provides a database of names and emails, but you should also be able to utilize the system to conveniently look up and add customer information as well as organize incentives and email marketing campaigns.

Software to Assist You at Every Level

Of course, you’ll have to have a lot more than the above five basics. Dedicated repair staff is invaluable, as is a great company culture fueled by caring management. If you have questions about how to get started with your software systems and implementing a store POS, connect with our people. We’d be happy to help. You can also send an inquiry using the form below to request a demo of our products.