Our “commercial” release is coming very soon! This release will mark the end of our acceptance of new early adopters, so if you want to Sign up as an early adopter (receive discounts and free help with complex data imports) you need to act fast.

Here are some new features that will be a part of the 1.0 release:

  • Catalog Import
  • Inventory Import
  • Overhead rate for each location – calculate and enter your hourly overhead rate into your location settings for a more accurate profitability report.
  • Break-even/profitability progress widget – A new progress meter will be on the dashboard that shows your daily/weekly/quarterly/yearly progress towards profitability!
  • Warning time-limits for tickets – Set time limits for each ticket status in your location settings. When a ticket is created a timer starts, and when your warning limits are reached you will be notified so that you can take action to keep your repair tickets moving forward.
  • Indirect labor costs – This adds indirect labor costs to your profitability report
    • Customize-able holiday calendar – create holidays and apply them to specific locations
  • Price-list scan sheet generator – Customize and print sheets filled with barcode labels for easy scanning of catalog items to add to tickets (e.g. services, parts, merchandise, etc.)
  • Automatic notifications based on customer’s contact preference, and auto advance from “pending notification” ticket status to “ready for pickup” or “ready to ship” status
  • Inline help content throughout RepairQ to coach new users along
  • Responsive design upgrades for mobile compatibility (phones and tablets)
  • Various minor bug fixes and UI enhancements

See upcoming features for future releases on our Roadmap.