RepairQ 1.1.5 release is now live! This release features:

  • Terminal start/stop permissions for shift leads
  • Closing a VCT redirects you to the finished report so you can print it
  • Fixed some VCT styling issues, and it should now print on 1 page
  • Fixed duplicate history log entries, and changed some of the language to make more sense
  • In the Print Catalog SKUs feature you can now search for part of a catalog item name
  • Notification emails/texts are more descriptive, and should send out consistently
  • Disabled deleting inventory items that are already attached to tickets
  • Added Trade-in total (all devices bought) to the profitability report
  • Drop down select menus should now show options in alphabetical order
  • You can now move a ticket from “In Repair” straight to “Ready for Pickup” – skipping Pending Notification – if you wish
  • Voiding now works for all ticket types

Coming Soon:

We have been working on a new ticket UI. The new ticket interface is designed to make the process of adding and editing tickets flow much better, saving you time and mistakes. Here are a few of the possible changes that will be a part of the new interface:

  • Every section of the ticket will always be visible and in “edit” mode – which means no more “update” and “continue” buttons
  • Ticket items form will have a scan option (for SKU and Serial#), and a manual search option
  • Always visible action buttons and ticket properties to save/submit a ticket without scrolling to the bottom of the screen
  • Always visible ticket totals – so you know where things stand at a glance
  • Always visible payment form – so you can easily process transactions
  • Always visible ticket info & warnings – e.g. when you are past your promised by date & time

1.1.5 release notes:

  • Support #2113: Close VCT – redirect to cash reconciliation view
  • Support #2121: Refurb Ticket help
  • Support #2140: Inventory Export – add catalog notes
  • Support #2160: Change labels for Genius
  • Bug #1988: Changelog multiple entries
  • Bug #1998: Pending Notification – Email/Text
  • Bug #2082: VCT reconcilliation
  • Bug #2095: Print Catalog SKUs
  • Bug #2099: inventory items attached to tickets should not be deletable
  • Bug #2125: Alphabetically Ordered Drop-downs
  • Bug #2135: Ticket properties modal – audit trail
  • Bug #2144: Terminal permissions
  • Bug #2161: In repair to ready for pickup
  • Bug #2170: Reconciliation Report styling is off
  • Bug #2177: Void ticket only works on a sale ticket
  • Bug #2178: Void should not be an option in the ticket properties modal
  • Bug #2183: Refurb item – status select
  • Bug #2184: Remove ticket item – no status update
  • Feature #2114: Open cash drawer when you close VCT
  • Feature #2116: Add trade-in amount to profitability report
  • Feature #2159: Add ticket # to view ticket screen
  • Task #2142: Enable auto-clock-out cron job

If you feel that you have not received these features on your instance, please let us know. We are careful not to release anything that will cause problems with your RepairQ installation, but if you feel that we have messed something up then please submit a support ticket and we will resolve the issue ASAP.

View and vote on new ideas for future releases on our RepairQ Forum.