Watch a video about the 1.5.4 release

RepairQ 1.5.4 release is now live! Here are some of the highlights:

  • Inventory Transfer Module: Order items from another store/warehouse internally. You will be able to create a purchase order with another location as the “supplier,” and fulfill the purchase order with the “supplier” location’s inventory. You will be able to track multiple shipments, print packing slips, inventory labels, etc. all within the inventory transfer and purchase order modules.
  • Ticket Lock: prevent two users from editing the same ticket at the same time (to prevent overwriting each other’s changes)
  • Added waiting for payment status to sale ticket
  • New Report: Pending Revenue – Summary report that gives you totals for payments, payouts, sales, discounts, and tax liability for all open tickets
  • Summary Report Enhancements: We modified the report to display deposits for previous periods that don’t disappear when the tickets are closed. Also added a “deposit payments finalized” figure that totals all payments closed in a period that were added in a previous period. We also added some inline tooltips that explain some of the figures on the report.
  • Purchase Order Enhancements: we added a few enhancements to Purchase Orders like better error reporting and a few new checks & balances.
  • Ticket Receipt – increased font size to improve legibility on some thermal receipt printers and we condensed the spacing between lines and sections of the receipt to make up for it.

Other minor updates and fixes. For more info, see notes below:

1.5.4 release notes:

  • Feature #3564-3571, 3573, 3585, 3595, 3604, 3611, 3616: Inventory Transfer Module
  • Feature #3253: Ticket Lock – warn/prevent simultaneous editing on a ticket
  • Feature #3532: Add waiting for payment status to sale ticket
  • Feature #3578: Multi-DB Summary Report
  • Feature #3591: Pending Revenue Report
  • Feature #3592: Summary Report – deposits
  • Feature #3604: Customer Credit Balances
  • Feature #3617: Purchase Order Alerts – highlight line item errors
  • Feature #3628: Ticket Receipt – increase font sizes and reduce spacing
  • Bug #3468: Remove print button on new PO
  • Bug #3534: Tax Rate Tax Bundled Option Update
  • Bug #3596: Create new inventory records for items returned more than once (retains the original inventory record as historical data)
  • Bug #3626: Fix sum totals in sales by referral summary excel export and update it to match summary report fields

Up Next:

  • Inventory Count/Audit
  • Batch import and manage customer devices

If you feel that you have not received these features on your instance, please let us know. We are careful not to release anything that will cause problems with your RepairQ installation, but if you feel that we have messed something up then please submit a support ticket and we will resolve the issue ASAP.

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