ThanQ 2018

In 2018, we grew as a team, product, and community. Thank you for all your support this past year. We are excited to see what you and RepairQ can accomplish in 2019!

Keep reading to see a few milestones we hit in 2018.

ServiceCentral 2018 new hires

We expanded our team and focused on your success

This past year, we expanded our team significantly with a focus in 3 key areas: customer service and support, product engineering, and small-business success.

We refined and redefined in-app training

In 2018, we created a team around new client onboarding and success; and with it launched an intuitive training tool that guides new users step-by-step through RepairQ.

Screenshot of new client onboarding through RepairQ
Screenshot of RepairQ's quoting feature

We created new ways to help power your growth

This past year we laid the foundation for a new CRM in RepairQ to help you track new sales relationships, opportunities, and conversions.

We opened new possibilities through integrations

We not only expanded our integrations this year with more partners, including Heartland Payment Systems, MobileSentrix, and Wholesale Gadget Parts, but we also launched new features allowing you to connect RepairQ with your own website, vendors, and tools.

MobileSentrix Logo
Wholesale Gagdet Parts
Heartland Payment Systems

We created new user feedback loops and focus groups

This past year, we spent a substantial amount of time closing the loop on user experience and feedback. As we’ve collected new input from RepairQ users, we held focus groups to share ideas and influence improvements.

Research and development

We re-invested heavily in product R&D

By the end of 2018, we had more than doubled our product team size, investing heavily in researching, designing, and building a whole stack of new technology and features; and while most didn’t arrive in a release last year, the groundwork was laid for the biggest year of RepairQ history – 2019!

What would you like to see us accomplish in 2019?