Build customer loyalty with RepairQ®‘s CRM

Unique Customer Relationship Management tools built for repair shops. 

Lead Generation

  • Present your store locations for a lead to search, browse, and select
  • Allow leads to browse items and receive a real-time quote price
  • Provide a form to collect and store a lead’s contact information
  • Enable your leads to browse and schedule an appointment
Screenshot of the form leads can fill out to receive a real-time quote price
Computer monitor showing RepairQ powered repair status screen and iPad showing verification page

Powerful CRM

  • Manage your customers across your entire organization
  • See historic sales, repair, equipment, and referrals
  • Manage customer email communications and marketing
  • Track Opportunities and notes for each account

Customer Experience

  • Use Qpop to present advertising at your retail point of purchase
  • Provide a visual aid for selling services and confirming prices
  • Display custom service data, like diagnostic forms
  • Speed up check-in with automated account lookup
A woman signing a signature page on a customer-facing ipad at a POS
Screenshot of an iPad displaying pick-up information for the customer

Share Updates

  • Operate a turnkey, branded customer service portal
  • Supply real-time updates to your customers
  • Easily embed Qsite™ in your current website
  • Check service statuses using our APIs

Capture Feedback

  • Collect customer input and electronic signatures
  • Create and customize automated feedback requests
  • Target your best customers to leave reviews online
  • Utilize Revv® to deliver intuitive post sales surveys
female hands holding a cup with coffee and an iPhone displaying a text message from a company attempting post sales engagement

Want to learn more about Qsite?

Head over to the Qsite overview page to see all of the powerful features that can take your customer experience to the next level.