Our Hosting

AWS_Logo_PoweredBy_300pxRepairQ is a cloud based service that runs on servers that we manage at Amazon Web Services. We host your database and your software so that we can provide:

  • automatic updates to you as we improve RepairQ
  • better technical support
  • data security without the cost and administrative overhead you would face if you handled the hosting yourself

About Amazon Web Services:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows us to grow virtually without limit going forward so that we can always provide a fast and reliable connection to RepairQ. AWS service will also allow us to provide better failover measures for RepairQ with redundant servers on the East and West coast ensuring that you will not experience any outages with our service. If you aren’t familiar with AWS, they provide services to Pinterest, Netflix, Quora, and thousands of other companies.

We take privacy very seriously, and understand that the client’s database contains confidential information, so we guard your data meticulously.