Virtual Event Series for Repair Leaders


This year has been pretty wild.

Recent events have affected our industry in many different ways, and some repair shops have seen their businesses collapse while others have continued to thrive. Navigating through this period can be especially challenging with “black swan” events such as this.

To better understand the magnitude of the volatile business environment, last month we examined the second and third-order effects of the coronavirus, as well as the most important factors to take into consideration as stores begin the reopening process.

To support the repair community, we’ve connected with owners, integrated partners, and industry leaders that are experiencing success to better understand what they’ve done to adapt their business. We’ve synthesized their best practices and put them into a new playbook: Operation Reopen.

What to expect

This 12 part live webinar breaks down:

  • How to be a leader during a crisis
  • How to communicate to your community you’re open and you’re keeping them safe
  • A process for ensuring your message is consistent online and in-store


How do I sign up?

All sessions are free to attend but registration is required.

What will I learn?

Future Sessions and Whitepapers:

  •  The goal of the playbook is simple: help the industry develop a reopening strategy that unlocks massive growth for the remainder of the year.



If you’re struggling with reopening in your community or think that there’s room for improvement through tiny adjustments, then we’d love to have you.

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