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June 23, 2020

CouchCon: The Importance of Leadership

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Throughout the past six months, our professional and personal futures feel as uncertain as ever. Businesses have experienced unimaginable disruption, and some won’t survive. The scale of recent events has meant that none of us are immune to the current state of our country, our communities, our businesses, and our teams. 


It’s critical for business leaders to communicate effectively and help employees stay informed and updated, to feel like they’re being seen and heard, and to keep them focused and on track. What means the most to employees is guidance from the executive of an organization and their direct team leadership. How can these leaders provide what employees are looking for and need during such a tumultuous time?


Who should participate?

  • Any business that has been, could be or will be impacted by the COVID-19 virus and 2nd or 3rd order effects, civil unrest, or other events in 2020 (murder hornets!?!)
  • Businesses with a retail presence that facilitates customer/employee interaction



Staying Informed and Updated

  • Cadence and Channels of Downstream Communication
    • Daily vs. Weekly vs. Monthly Updates
    • Slack vs. Email vs. Zoom
    • 1-on-1s
  • Consistent Communication Throughout The Leadership Team
    • Expectations for Team Leads
    • Setting the Right Tone and Strategy
  • Creating a “Strike Team” to Guide Policy

Feeling Seen and Heard

  • Relationships Matter During a Crisis
    • How to stay present and connected
    • Maintaining perspective personally and professionally
    • Communicating with empathy

Remaining Focused 

  • Knowing What’s Important
    • 1st = Health and Safety of Employees and Families
    • 2nd = The Business
  • Making Decisions Amid Uncertainty
    • Think first, act later, or act quickly?
  • Communicating “Deliberate Calm” and “Bounded Optimism”


James Schellhorn

James Schellhorn

Chief Business Development Officer, RepairQ/ServiceCentral

James provides direction for ServiceCentral and its products, leading product development, sales strategy, and marketing efforts. In his current role, he drives company growth with a customer-centric philosophy.

George Rogers

Co-Founder, 12 Week Leader
Chief Strategy Officer, Injured Gadgets

George Rogers is an international renowned speaker, with great compassion, dedication, and a sense of humor that keeps you connected. George inspires and challenges each of us to be willing to transform who we are into who we are meant to be. He shares how creating a culture that invests in others through authentic compassion and servant leadership can impact everyone for the greater good.

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Matt Zieminski


Matt Zieminski is the Director of Partnerships for ServiceCentral and has been in the electronics industry for almost ten years. Outside of work, Matt loves to hike and enjoy the great outdoors of Richmond, California.

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